Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pasta Fail

Here is one of the most common things that I cook here at Pizza House. It's an Angel Hair pasta dish which was a recipe given to me by my mother that entails diced tomatoes, olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, crushed red pepper, butter, basil, feta, and roasted pine nuts. (Taylor claims that one time I referred to this pasta as "the bomb pasta" but I think he just thought that my pasta was so BOMB, he created this title himself and is now embarrassed by his dated slang.)

Clearly this was a total disaster and an epic cooking fail, but most of the time I am much more successful than this.

Lately our new roommate Abigail Mullen and I have been cooking lots of new and interesting things! We started this blog to prove that we eat more than just frozen pizza's here at PIZZA HOUSE (although we do eat many of these. I had a delicious Tombstone Cheese Pizza w/ Siricha Sauce drizzled on top for lunch yesterday!) We will use this blog to chronicle the food we cook and other adventures of 3129 Emerson Ave South.

We are Corrie, Taylor, Liz, Jillian, Gordon, Abby, and also Huck, Scout, & Geo.
We play music, take pictures, like movies, draw things, pet pets, build stuff, and cook.
Come over and we will show you all these things.

- Corrie

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